KEENClean is offering you the opportunity to become one of our distributors in your territory. In order to assist you with this endeavour we will provide you with all the Best price, sales training necessary to understand the workings of our sales strategy. 


 As an official KEENClean distributor you will be in direct contact with our technicians and staff so you will always be informed of all our newest sales leads, upgrades and promotions. Above all, you can rely on our Made in UK guarantee.  

KEENClean is dedicated to creating quality products that put its clients in the future, today. Our company evolves with the latest market trends and develops cutting edge products that keeps us among the best in our field. We strive to predict the next new breakthrough in the market and to create a product able to keep up to date with the latest products.



We have our own products with our own brands KEENClean, but if our customer have their own idea about the market, give us the idea only, we will based on our experience, develop the special formula which suits for your market.

We have our professional designer to design the packing for you, according to the characteristic which you want your products have. In the production, we hold the total quality control during the production.

We provide the promotional policy for you to win more market share.

Aftermarket, we provide you the best aftermarket service, any questions about our products when goods arrival, contact us, we will give you the best solutions

Date: 22 July, 2020